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Top results for Proton in Dealer Attitude Survey

07 Oct 2005

Proton achieved top results in the survey proving that the relationship between the manufacturer and its dealers is strong and positive.

Proton proved that they have supply and demand spot on when they claimed joint first place in a question that asked dealers if the supply of new cars to their dealership over the last 12 months had matched their requirements.

Proton dealers also feel that the broad marketing stance adopted by the manufacturer had improved retained margins on new car sales. This result was not only up on Proton's Dealer Attitude Survey results from Winter 2004/2005 but also beats many of Proton's competitors.

The Proton technical support hotline is a firm favourite with the dealers, with Proton coming second out of 32 manufacturers, beating the likes of Jaguar and Mercedes.

Questions focusing on the manufacturer's performance in the area of technical training and parts availability show that Proton is providing a great service to the dealers and their customers in providing a quick parts turnaround service. For both areas Proton were in the top ten manufacturers.

Simon Park, General Manager, Sales and Marketing at Proton Cars (UK) Ltd commented,

"Our aim is to meet the needs of our dealers and provide them with an extremely high level of service. I am pleased to see that we are achieving a high level of satisfaction amongst our dealers. We hope to have a total of 100 dealers by the end of 2005 and add 20 dealers next year."


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