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Proton sweeps the board in the NFDA Dealer Attitude Survey

13 Sep 2006

Proton came top out of 32 manufacturers in 11 of the questions, coming second in a further five areas, gaining third place in two questions and fourth place in another three. The survey results come from the hard work undertaken in relationship building with the dealer network as well as an increase in marketing activities, enhancements in the vehicle and parts delivery processes and a new, improved range of vehicles.

The key areas which Proton have excelled in are the supply of new cars and parts, the support of both field sales and service staff and the technical support hotline - all helping dealers to improve their customer service and product knowledge.

Perhaps most importantly for dealers, they believe that selling the current range of vehicles has not only increased their profit margin, but will continue to do so in the next twelve months and also feel that the relationship with their distributor will continue to improve in the future. They also believe that the requirements placed on them by Proton Cars (UK) are fair and not onerous and voted Proton top in all four of these areas. When asked how they rated the value of holding their franchise on a scale of 1-10, Proton dealers rated it 6.7, an increase of more than 50% on the last survey.

This survey demonstrates the steps that PCUKL are taking to ensure that its dealers remain motivated and positive about the franchise and the products they have to sell, and aid them in increasing their market share and improving their sales performance. With sales in 2006 to the end of August up 48% and a new model due for release in early 2007, the future for Proton in the UK is looking bright.

Editors notes:

The National Franchised Dealers Association carries out the Dealer Attitude Survey on a biannual basis. The results judge dealer' views on the major issues concerning their franchise and shows how their views have changed over time. Dealers are asked to respond to statements covering significant aspects of their relationship with their manufacturer/ importer.

Proton Cars (UK) came top in the following sections:

  • The supply of new cars to my dealership over the last 12 months has matched my requirements
  • The broad marketing stance adopted by my manufacturer/importer over the last 12 months has improved retained margins on new car sales
  • I am satisfied with the way parts are distributed to my dealership (joint first place)
  • The field service and parts staff are helpful to my business
  • My manufacturer exerts a considerable degree of control over my business (disagree)
  • The requirements and procedures placed on me by my manufacturer/ importer are fair to my dealership (joint first place)
  • Selling this range of new cars over the last 12 months has increased the profit potential of my business (joint first place)
  • Selling this range of new cars will increase the profit potential of my business over the next 12 months (joint first place)
  • My overall business relationship with my manufacturer/ importer will improve over the coming 12 months (joint first place)
  • Technical support hotline
  • Price of parts

Second place

  • I am satisfied with the quality of the marketing materials and advice received from my manufacturer/ importer over the last twelve months
  • The field sales staff are helpful to my business (joint second place)
  • The control exerted over my business by my manufacturer/ importer will increase over the coming 12 months (disagree)
  • Efficiency of parts ordering
  • Parts availability

Third place

  • Effectiveness of product advertising
  • My average retained margin on new car sales has fallen compared with 12 months ago (disagree)


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