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About us - Background

About us - Background

Started in 2009 and delivering car finance to people looking for fast, affordable loans. We have been the centre of a network that has brought services to those who may have found it difficult elsewhere.

Quick Loans have been offering loans from £250 to £10,000 for over a decade. We don't require any type of security which means that you can spend the money on anything you like, you don't even need to tell us.

Most people tend to borrow money to spend on paying their everyday bills. We wouldn't recommend using loans for this purpose as you may find yourself spiralling into financial difficulties. These loans are generally used to catch up on short term emergencies. Anything from cars breaking down to leaks in the home that need fixing asap.

The benefits of our service are that we don't ask too many questions. We are aware that our type of service is often criticised by rich people, people who would never need a loan in their lives. They don't understand that borrowers want to apply, get a decision and have their funds quickly and without fuss.

We won't ask you to provide paperwork or proof of what you tell us. We can get all that information by doing an affordability check. It takes less than a minute, we'll get you a clean accepted or declined, and within 15 minutes after that, you will find yourself with money in your UK bank account from

Quick repayments are flexible, and should you find yourself falling behind, simply give us a ring, talk to our helpful customer services team, and we can reschedule your payments. We are keen to work with you, if you make repayments on time, then we benefit and so will you.

Give us a chance, let us do our magic and put money in your pockets.

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