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Proton LPG fleet car pays for itself

If you are responsible for a small to medium sized fleet, your company could save hundreds of pounds a year in fuel costs with the Proton GEN-2 ecoLogic.

This new dual fuel car can run on unleaded petrol or LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), which costs around 50p per litre and is currently used to run over 140,000 vehicles in the UK. To convert a car to run on LPG currently costs between £1;,500 and £2;,500. However the GEN-2 ecoLogic is priced exactly the same as its petrol equivalent so you can start saving on your fuel costs immediately.

For companies looking for green credentials, LPG typically produces less carbon monoxide, particulates and nitrous oxides than other fuel sources, plus a 15-20% reduction in carbon dioxide compared to petrol. Even the production of LPG is environmentally friendly; it is a by-product of the extraction and refining of crude oil, which also means there is a plentiful supply in the UK.
For more information on how to add the GEN-2 ecoLogic to your fleet, please contact
Simon Park
Telephone: 0844 856 5888

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