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The Savvy is the ultimate accessory for the streetwise driver. Take a look at how well it suits some Savvy drivers:

"The Savvy design has a wholesome appeal. Work out the size-to-price-to-kit ratio and it's outstanding value. And you can go through the rest of the small print without seeing the Savvy as much as stumble - even down to the warranty."
Journalist Phil Vaughan from the Press Association

"I am delighted with my Proton Savvy, I would recommend this car to all new drivers and women.  The service you get after purchase is fabulous too.  I would definitely have another next time I upgrade"
Ms Sally Collins, Newtown, Gloucestershire

"When I was looking for a new car, I wanted a fun little city car to nip around the 300+ roundabouts in Milton Keynes with good fuel economy, a decent specification and something a little bit different. I looked at several other cars but none of them could match the overall appeal of the Savvy. So far I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every single one of the miles I have driven. It is a great looking car (especially in Passion Blue) and very distinctive from all angles. The interior is clean and bright (you just have to love those yellow dials) and the layout of all the buttons and switches are simple and straightforward. There is plenty of space in the front, even a 6-footer fitted in, and the cargo net is another thing that helps to set the Savvy apart and it helps to keep the shopping from spilling all over the place - my wife wanted me to add that! My advice is to try the Savvy for yourself - you'll be surprised at just how good it really is."
Mr Mark Daniels, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

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